Differences between formatting and restarting


Perform this action when using the AVVENTURA for the first time or when initializing the unit.


Note that formatting will restore the AVVENTURA to factory default settings. (The firmware version will be retained.)

The settings in Cateye Cycling™ will be transferred to the AVVENTURA when the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) is connected. However, the following settings will not be transferred.

• ANT+ sensor pairing information

• Third-party sensor pairing information (This information is transferred with Android devices.)


Perform this action if the operation of the AVVENTURA is unstable or if the display is not normal.

Restarting maintains the data shown below.

• Various AVVENTURA settings

• Sensor pairing information and tire circumference values

• Trip data saved in the AVVENTURA

• Total distance value

• Paired smartphone device information

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