Activity list

Viewing activities (trip data) is possible by importing the activity into Cateye Cycling™.


1. Launch Cateye Cycling™ and tap [Activity List] in (MENU).

(Import from CC):

Displayed when trip data exists on the AVVENTURA connected to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).

Tap to display a list of trip data saved on the AVVENTURA. Trip data can be deleted or imported from this list.

Viewing trip data in the AVVENTURA

(Select to Delete):

Activities previously imported to a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) can be deleted if desired.

Add a checkmark to the activities to be deleted, and tap the button to delete.

2. Tap each activity to check the details or to upload or delete it.


Upload to service sites


Delete activity


* In addition to numerical data, activities can be displayed in map, graph, or lap format by swiping to the left or right.




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