Measurement screen

The screen segments and display functions to be displayed on the measurement screen can be assigned through screen customization.

The following explanation uses the default screen as an example.

Measurement screen

Displays various measurement data.

* Measurement data will be displayed as [--] if no sensor is connected. (Does not apply to Current Speed.)

* Use a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) to customize the measurement screen.
Changing the measurement screen


• Flashing speed/cadence/heart rate display:
If using a CATEYE sensor, the values related to the sensor's battery replacement period start flashing to indicate that it is time to replace the battery.

* For details on replacing CATEYE sensor batteries, refer to the sensor’s online manual.

• Power values flash:
When using separate left and right power sensors, power values flash to indicate that only signals from one sensor are being received.

Icon descriptions

(GPS sensitivity)

Indicates the GPS signal status.


(Insufficient memory)

Displayed constantly when the maximum storage capacity for the AVVENTURA unit has been exceeded.

While this symbol is displayed, the oldest trip data will be deleted in order to make room for new measurements.


If appears constant on the screen, freeing up memory space is recommended by deleting unnecessary trip data on the AVVENTURA using a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) or PC.

Importing trip data

Viewing trip data in the AVVENTURA


Indicates the remaining AVVENTURA battery in 5 different increments.

* If the icon is displayed as only a flashing outline, the power will turn off in less than 2 hours (with a recording interval of 1 second).
Charge the AVVENTURA as soon as possible.
Charging the AVVENTURA



Shows which direction is north.

* Because the AVVENTURA determines the direction through movement, a different direction may be shown when the bicycle is stopped.


Sensor signal icons and texts

Indicates the Bluetooth® or ANT+ sensor signal reception status.

• S (speed signal):
Appears constant while a speed sensor signal is being received.

• C (cadence signal):
Appears constant while a cadence sensor signal is being received.

• H (heart rate signal):
Appears constant while a heart rate sensor signal is being received.

• P (power signal):
Appears constant while a power sensor signal is being received.

* If no icons and texts are displayed, no sensors are connected.


(Smartphone connection)
Turns on when a smartphone is connected.


(Pace arrows)

Indicate whether the current speed is faster () or slower () than the average speed.


km/h, m/h, rpm, bpm (units)

Displays the currently selected measurement unit.

• Constant:
Measurement stopped

• Flashing:
Measurement in progress

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Simple Navigation

• Direction and straight-line distance:
Displays the direction and straight-line distance to the trip start point or goal (Point 1, etc.).
Press the OPTION button to display or hide Simple Navigation.
The display can be switched even during measurement.
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Simple Navigation

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