4. Finishing measurement

1. Press SS during measurement so that [Pause] flashes, indicating the pause status.

Measurement in progress


2. Press LAP/FINISH, and then select [Finish].


Finishing a trip

3. When SS is pressed, the measurement will be finished and the trip data will be saved.

Finishing a trip

Trip save complete

* Personal record display
After ending a trip, any updates to trip distance, moving time, maximum speed, or maximum ascending altitude will display the Personal Record screen. Press any button to return to the measurement screen.


• Press LAP/FINISH to return to the paused measurement screen. Measurement can then be resumed if desired.

• Press MODE to delete the trip data without saving. Once the data is deleted, a new measurement can be started.

• Measurements for trip distances of 0.1 km or less are not saved as trip data.

Measurement ends when saving the trip data is complete.

• When measuring continuously:
Press SS to select “New Trip”, and start a new measurement.

New trip measurement

• Finishing measurement:
Press LAP/FINISH to turn the power supply off.

Power off

* The power can also be turned off by pressing and holding (POWER) for 1 second.

Functions during measurement

Before beginning measurement, configure the functions according to the purpose of the ride.

* Settings configured on the app for Simple Navigation, Auto lap function, and Countdown function will be applied when the AVVENTURA is connected.

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