Simple Navigation

Display the direction and straight-line distance to the goal from the current location.

* Simple Navigation can be displayed during measurement as well.


• Simple Navigation shows the direction and straight-line distance. It does not provide route (street) guidance.

• To use Simple Navigation, a goal must be specified on the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™), and the information must be transferred to the AVVENTURA.
Transferring is completed by connecting the Cateye Cycling™ app to the AVVENTURA.

Designating a goal

* A specified goal will be applied until the next goal is specified.

• Simple Navigation is not displayed when measurement screen segmentation is set to 4, 6B, or 7 segments. Please select a different screen segment option.

* Use a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) to customize measurement screen segmentation.
Changing the measurement screen

1. From the measurement screen, press OPTION to switch to the option screen.

Measurement in progress

Option screen

2. Press MODE to select [Simple Navigation], and press SS to apply the selection and display the measurement screen.

Option screen

Simple Navigation function

Display the direction and straight-line distance to the goal (Point 1).

* If more than one goal has been specified, when [Point 1] is reached, the Simple Navigation goal will switch to [Point 2].
(The device will consider coming within about
100 m of the goal as having reached the goal.)

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