Measurement flowchart

This section explains the measurement flow and the measurement functions.


Smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) connection
Make sure [Connect] is switched off before starting measurement.

* While connected to the smartphone, [Connect] will be displayed on the AVVENTURA, or will appear on the measurement screen.

* Remaining connected to the smartphone for an extended period will cause the smartphone battery to become drained.


• Altitude correction
If altitude correction in the app is switched on and the AVVENTURA is connected to a smartphone before measurement starts, the altitude value measured by the app will be used for measurement. (The altitude value can be transferred before measurement or when paused.)

* After correction, switch [Connect] off.


Restrictions on measurement
The maximum recordable times for measurement using the AVVENTURA are as follows.

Maximum recording time for one trip: Up to 96 hours (4 days) of moving time, or 200 hours of total trip time

Maximum combined recordable time for all trips: Approx. 100 h (With a 1-second record interval)

If the maximum recordable time is exceeded, is displayed on the screen constantly and the oldest trip data will be deleted in order to make room for new measurements.

If appears constant on the screen, freeing up memory space is recommended by deleting unnecessary trip data on the AVVENTURA using a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) or PC.

Importing trip data

Viewing trip data in the AVVENTURA

Functions during measurement

Before beginning measurement, configure the functions according to the purpose of the ride.

* Settings configured on the app for Simple Navigation, Auto lap function, and Countdown function will be applied when the AVVENTURA is connected.

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