Back to Start

Displays the direction and straight-line distance from the current location to the trip start point.

* The start point can be displayed during measurement as well.

* There is no need to configure settings on the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).


• Back to Start shows the direction and straight-line distance. It does not provide route (street) guidance.

• The start point cannot be displayed before the start of measurement.

• The start point is not displayed when measurement screen segmentation is set to 4, 6B, or 7 segments. Please select a different screen segment option.

* Use a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) to customize measurement screen segmentation.
Changing the measurement screen

1. From the measurement screen, press OPTION to switch to the option screen.

Measurement in progress

Option screen

2. Select [Back to Start] and press SS to apply the setting and display the measurement screen.

Option screen

Start point display

The direction and straight-line distance to the start point is displayed.

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