How to Use


This section describes the measurement screen and the flow of measurement.

Viewing measurement data

Trip data saved on the AVVENTURA can be viewed by connecting the device to a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™). The data can also be imported to the smartphone, transferring trip data to Cateye Cycling™.



Viewing and importing AVVENTURA trip data

Viewing imported trips with Cateye Cycling™

Changing settings

A smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) can be used to configure AVVENTURA and Bluetooth® device settings.


• Only pairing sensors and changing tire circumference are possible using the AVVENTURA.

Bluetooth® sensor information on the AVVENTURA is overwritten with data from Cateye Cycling™ when the AVVENTURA connects to the smartphone.

* This does not apply to third-party Bluetooth® sensors when using an iPhone. In addition, ANT+ sensor information is not transferred.

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