Features of the AVVENTURA

The AVVENTURA is a cyclocomputer that features built-in GPS and support for Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ communication standards.

In addition to being able to interpret GPS position information, the AVVENTURA is capable of connecting to a variety of Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ optional or third-party sensors (including speed, cadence, heart rate, and power sensors) for performing measurement.

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* Even without a sensor capable of speed measurement, the AVVENTURA can be used as a “sensorless” cyclocomputer using the built-in GPS function.


Measurement data (trip data) can be imported to a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) or copied to a PC as a FIT file. Imported data can be uploaded to CATEYE Atlas™ and other service sites.

AVVENTURA measured data

The following measurement data can be displayed on the measurement screen.



• Current speed

• Average speed

• Manual average speed

• Average lap speed in real time

• Maximum speed



• Trip distance

• Total Distance

• Countdown distance

Trip distance in real time



Moving time

• Manual moving time (total trip time excluding pause time and power off time)

• Trip time (total trip time)

• Countdown time

• Lap timer (real-time lap)

• Split time

• Clock

• Date



• Cadence

• Average cadence

• Average lap cadence in real time

• Maximum cadence


Heart rate

• Heart rate

• Average heart rate

• Average lap heart rate in real time

• Maximum heart rate



• Power

• Average power

• Average lap power in real time

• Maximum power



• Altitude

• Ascending altitude

• Total altitude

• Target altitude difference

• Slope angle

• Average slope

• Average lap slope in real time

• Maximum slope



• Temperature

• Lap number

• Memory used


Bluetooth® and ANT+ protocol support

• Auto start/stop measurement with pause function

• Display customization and lap screen customization

• Simple Navigation

• Back to Start

• Lap Function

• Auto lap function (time, distance, position)

• Countdown function (time, distance)

• Personal record function that displays updated records when measurement ends

• GPS signal strength indicator

• Compass

• Backlight (automatic display illumination night mode)

• Sounds (operation sounds, alert sounds, notification sounds)

• Battery alarm (for the AVVENTURA and CATEYE sensors)

• Changing settings from a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™)

• Viewing, deleting, and importing trip data saved on the AVVENTURA using a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™)

• Firmware update via smartphone (Cateye Cycling™)

• Mass storage option (FIT file transfer) when connected to a PC

• Auto power off

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