Importing trip data

Following measurement, trip data saved on the AVVENTURA can be imported to a smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).

Follow the procedure below to import the data.


1. If the AVVENTURA is turned off, press and hold (POWER) for 1 second to turn it on.


2. Launch Cateye Cycling™, and from (MENU), turn on [Connect].

When connected to the smartphone, [Connect] will be displayed on the AVVENTURA, or will be displayed on the measurement screen.

A progress bar will appear on the lower portion of the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) screen, and importing will begin automatically.

* For Android devices, the progress bar is displayed in the notification area accessed by swiping/flicking down on the status bar.


• Trips with measurement in progress cannot be imported. Finish measurement and save the trip before importing.

• Importing is not possible while measurement is in progress on the AVVENTURA (except when paused).

• If the power is turned off while importing data, or if the smartphone is disconnected, importing data will be canceled.

* Importing will continue if the app operations are performed or the app is moved to the background while importing.

Cancel import

Progress bar

Importing is complete when the progress bar disappears.

Trips imported to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) can be viewed from the activity list.

Activity list

3. After importing, switch [Connect] off from (MENU).


4. Turn off the power by pressing and holding the (Power) button for 1 second.

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