The following section explains how to pair AVVENTURA and Bluetooth® sensors to a smartphone, and how to configure various settings.


• Changes are transferred when connecting the AVVENTURA to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).

* When connected to the smartphone, [Connect] will be displayed on the AVVENTURA, or will be displayed on the measurement screen.

* After the settings have been applied, switch [Connect] off.

• ANT+sensors are not displayed on the device screen even if pairing has been completed. Use the AVVENTURA to change the tire circumference for an ANT+ sensor.
Changing ANT+ sensor tire circumference

• When using third-party Bluetooth® sensors
Sensor information for third-party Bluetooth® sensors paired using an iPhone (Cateye Cycling™) is not transferred to the AVVENTURA. Pair using the method for pairing an ANT+ sensor. (The information is transferred when using an Android smartphone.)
Pairing an ANT+ sensor


1. Launch Cateye Cycling™, and from (MENU), tap [Device].

Paired cyclocomputers and Bluetooth® sensors will be displayed.

• Pair to Device:
Tap to pair a new device.
Turn on [Connect] from (MENU) before tapping.

Pairing an AVVENTURA to a smartphone

Pairing a Bluetooth® sensor to a smartphone

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