Charging the AVVENTURA


1. Connect the AVVENTURA to a PC or a commercially available USB charger using the USB cable.

Connect to PC or USB charger

USB cable

Jack cover

The icon flashes on the screen and charging begins.

Charge screen

Standard charging time

Approx. 6.5 hours
 (USB 1.0)

* When the AVVENTURA is connected to a PC, charging is not possible if the PC is in the sleep state.

* The standard charging time is approximate and will vary according to environmental and user conditions.

* When fully charged, the device can be used for about 80hours. (With a 1-second record interval)

* Even with a full charge, allowing the unit to stand for a long period of time will consume the battery because of the standby current.

2. After charging is complete, disconnect the USB cable and securely attach the jack cover.


Keep the jack cover firmly in place to maintain waterproofness.

When charging with a PC, be sure to eject the GPS200 before removing the USB cable.

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