3. Pairing an Bluetooth® sensor
(for users with Bluetooth® sensors)

This section describes how to pair Bluetooth® SMART-compatible sensors.


• Pair all of the sensors to be used.

Do not pair sensors at a race venue or in similar locations where there are a lot of other users. Doing so may cause the sensors to be paired with another device.

When using third-party Bluetooth® sensors
Sensor information for third-party Bluetooth® sensors paired using an iPhone (Cateye Cycling™) is not transferred to the AVVENTURA. Pair using the method for pairing an ANT+ sensor. (The information is transferred when using an Android smartphone.)


1. Press and hold  (POWER) on the AVVENTURA for 1 second to turn off the power.


Cateye Cycling™ will not be able to detect a Bluetooth® sensor while the AVVENTURA is connected to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™). Turn off the AVVENTURA before pairing a Bluetooth® sensor.


2. Verify that [Connect] is set to ON in the (MENU), and then tap [Device] to pair a Bluetooth® sensor.

Activate the sensor.

Activating the sensor


Tap [Pairing] to search for pairable sensors.

When Cateye Cycling™ detects the sensor signal, a message is displayed on the smartphone.

Tap [Pairing] to complete pairing of the displayed sensor.

* If the device name is different than expected, tap [Skip], and then tap [Pairing] again.
Repeat until the desired device is displayed.

* When pairing a sensor with Cateye Cycling™, an “A” is displayed after the sensor name.

* To pair another Bluetooth® sensor, repeat the same procedure again.

* Up to 18 separate sensor IDs—including the computer—can be paired.

3. Set the tire circumference for a sensor capable of speed measurement.

Tap [Device], and then tap [Sensor name] > [Tire Circumference] (the length of the outer circumference of the tire).

* Sensors incapable of measuring speed are not displayed.

Tapping will cause the tire size list to be displayed. Select the tire circumference according to the tire size indicated on the side of the tire.

* Initial value: 2096 mm (700x23c)

* Set the tire circumference for each sensor capable of speed measurement.

* Changing device names and cancelling pairing is also possible from this screen.


Changes are transferred when connecting the AVVENTURA to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).

Bluetooth® sensor pairing is now complete.

* Once pairing is complete, mount the sensors on your bicycle or body according to the individual sensor’s instruction manual.
For more details on mounting/using the CATEYE sensor, refer to the sensor’s online manual.


Data for cadence, heart rate, and power is not be displayed under the initial configuration of the AVVENTURA measurement screen.

Customize the measurement screen to display measured values from paired sensors.

Changing the measurement screen

If you have ANT+ sensors:
Proceed to “4. Pairing an ANT+ sensor”.


• For users without a sensor:
Proceed to “5. Mounting the bracket, and attaching/removing the AVVENTURA”.

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