1. Turning on the power

1. Press and hold (POWER) on the AVVENTURA for 1 second.

The unit turns on and “GPS Searching” flashes on the screen.

Power off

(1 second)

GPS searching

* Measurement can be started in this state by pressing SS, however, location information will not be recorded. Location information will be recorded as soon as the GPS signal is received.
If no speed signal is received from a sensor at this time, only the total trip time will be measured.


Once a GPS signal is received, “Ready” flashes on the screen instead of “GPS Searching”.

GPS searching



• If the screen is not displayed even when pressing and holding (POWER) for 1 second, or if only the battery icon is displayed flashing ( ), the power will turn off in less than 2 hours (with a recording interval of 1 second).
Charge the AVVENTURA before attempting measurement.
Charging the AVVENTURA

Functions during measurement

Before beginning measurement, configure the functions according to the purpose of the ride.

* Settings configured on the app for Simple Navigation, Auto lap function, and Countdown function will be applied when the AVVENTURA is connected.

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