2. Pairing the AVVENTURA to a smartphone

Pairing with a smartphone is required for configuring various AVVENTURA settings.


Do not pair the AVVENTURA at a race venue or in similar locations where there are a lot of other users. Doing so may cause the AVVENTURA to be paired with another device.


1. Press and hold (POWER) on the AVVENTURA for 1 second.

The unit turns on and “GPS Searching” flashes on the screen.

Power off

(1 second)

GPS searching

* If the screen is not displayed even when pressing and holding (POWER) for 1 second, or if only the battery icon is displayed flashing ( ), charge the AVVENTURA.

  Charging the AVVENTURA

2. Open the jack cover on the back of the AVVENTURA, and press the AC button.

Jack cover

The initialization screen is displayed.


Keep the jack cover firmly in place to maintain waterproofness.

3. Press MODE once to cause [Format] to flash, and then press the SS button to confirm.


All data will be deleted and the settings will be reset to factory default.




The measurement screen switches to the GPS search screen.

GPS searching


4. From (MENU) at the top left of the screen, turn on [Connect] and tap [Device].

Tap [Pairing] to search for pairable devices.

When Cateye Cycling™ detects the AVVENTURA, a message is displayed on the smartphone.

Tap [Pairing] to complete pairing of the AVVENTURA.

* If the device name is different than expected, tap [Skip], and then tap [Pairing] again.
Repeat until the AVVENTURA is displayed.


AVVENTURA pairing is now complete.


If a firmware update notification is displayed on the smartphone after pairing, tap [Update] to update the firmware.

Updating will not be possible if the remaining battery power is low. Charge the AVVENTURA to perform the update.

Updating the firmware

Charging the AVVENTURA

• If you have Bluetooth® sensors:
Proceed to “
3. Pairing an Bluetooth® sensor”.


If you only have ANT+ sensors:
Proceed to “
4. Pairing an ANT+ sensor”.


• For users without a sensor:
Proceed to “5. Mounting the bracket, and attaching/removing the AVVENTURA”.

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