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How to use




Smart computer

Tire circumference setting

Set the tire circumference for a sensor capable of speed measurement.


• Pairing must be performed first.


• Set tire circumference for each sensor. The default value is 2,096 mm (700x23c).

1. From the measurement screen, press MENU to switch to the menu screen.

Measurement screen

Menu screen (Clock setting)

* When the menu screen is left on for 1 minute, smart computer returns to the measurement screen.


2. Press MODE to display (tire icon) and then press MODE for 2 seconds.

(2 seconds)

3. Select the sensor you want to set, and enter the tire circumference.

Enter the circumference in mm of the tire (the length of the outer circumference of the tire) on which the sensor is installed.

(Setting range: 0100 – 3999 mm)
Determining tire circumference

Sensor selection

(2 seconds)

(2 seconds)

Increase numbers

Tire circumference value

Move to next digit

(2 seconds)

* Sensors that can be selected are those that have been paired with Cateye Cycling™ or a smart computer. The letter that appears after the sensor name indicates how the sensor was paired.

A : Sensor paired with Cateye Cycling™

C : Sensor paired with a smart computer

* Error is displayed if values outside the setting range are entered.


4. Press MENU to confirm settings.

Pressing MENU again returns to the measurement screen.

* If you have changed settings, always press MENU to confirm changes.


Switch top of screen display

Function setting

Total distance manual input

Measurement unit setting