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How to use




Smart computer

Tire circumference setting


Switch top of screen display

Function setting

Total distance manual input

If you enter a desired value for total distance, you can start your next trip from that value.

* This function is useful when you want to continue from the same distance after purchasing a new smart computer or when resetting smart computer.


1. From the measurement screen, press MENU to switch to the menu screen.

Measurement screen

Menu screen (Clock setting)

* When the menu screen is left on for 1 minute, smart computer returns to the measurement screen.


2. Press MODE to display the screen shown below, and then press MODE for 2 seconds.

(2 seconds)

3. Enter the total distance.

* Decimal values cannot be entered.

Increase number

Move to next digit

(2 seconds)

4. Press MENU to confirm settings.

Pressing MENU again returns to the measurement screen.

*If you have changed settings, always press MENU to confirm changes.

Measurement unit setting