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Start measurement

1. Connecting smart computer and smartphone

2. Performing pre-measurement preparation

3. Starting measurement

4. Pausing/resuming measurement

5. Finishing measurement (reset operation)

6. Saving and uploading trips

After measurement is complete, the trip can be saved in Cateye Cycling and can be uploaded to various service sites.



1. On the Trip screen, tap (Flag) to finish measurement.

The app switches to the upload screen.

2. Turn on an upload destination.

* Trip names can be edited.

* You must have an account with the relevant site to upload data.


3. Tap (Save & Upload). Trips are saved in Cateye Cycling™ and uploaded to the selected service sites.

* Repeat this action if there are multiple trips.

* Tap (Delete) to delete a trip.

* Tap (MENU) > [Activity List] to see the trips saved in Cateye Cycling.

Activity list

* When not performing measurement, it is recommended that you turn off [Connect] from  (MENU) to minimize smartphone battery drain.