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Certified for ISO 9001 and 13485

CATEYE CO., LTD. was certified for ISO 9001standard (quality management system) on July 29th, 1999 and then certified for ISO 13485:2003 standard (comprehensive management system for medical devices) on November 27th, 2006. ISO 13485 is developed based on ISO 9001, which includes additional requirements for medical devices.

Management policy
  • 1. Become a leader in the industry and contribute to society with employees' teamwork.
Quality policy
  • * Establish a corporate ethos for being a leading manufacturer that develops products through the participation of all employees
  • * Build a quality management system and challenge each division to achieve the targets set in the annual management plan
Quality goals
  • 1. Rapidly develop attractive, clearly positioned products and establish a corporate foundation for being an industry-leading company
  • 2. Build a production system that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of each production base (plant)
  • 3. Observe the law
  • 4. Build an environmental management system.
  • 5. Carry out environmental activities to protect the environment
  • 6. Promote environmental conservation also among overseas affiliates

Certified for ISO 14001

Environmental policy
  • 1. Build an environmental management system and engage in environmental activities proactively
  • 2. Focus on continuous the improvement of environmental protection and prevention of pollution
  • 3. Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization agrees to abide by, associated with environmental aspects
  • 4. Integrate the existing and the environmental management system to set the environmental objective, targets reviews
  • 5. Document and implement the operational control procedure of the environmental management system in planned manner
  • 6. Spread knowledge and understanding of this environmental policy to all employees or those who work for the organization
  • 7. Disclose this environmental policy to the public as necessary
Environmental goals
  • 1. Comply with relevant legal environmental requirements and realize the Eco-Innovation
  • 2. Identify significant environmental aspects by process and attempt to improve
  • 3. Focus on environmental protection and prevention of pollution
Employee behavior
  • 1. Clarify and observe environmental regulations, laws and requirements.
  • 2. Keep our work environment organized and clean and observe discipline.
  • 3. Implement PDCA in saving energy, resource, recycling.
    Design and sell energy efficient, environmentally friendly products.
  • 4. Reduce use of hazardous chemical substances and waste materials.
  • 5. Increase our knowledge and awareness to attain our environmental policy.
Company name
Certification coverage
The entire company
Business scope
Design, manufacturing, sales and services for fitness equipments, bicycle computers, bicycle headlights and safety lights, heart rate monitors, pulse rate meters, altimeters and bicycle/road reflectors.
Auditing organization
TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
  • ISO Certification
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