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CATEYE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is firmly determined to make efforts for the purpose of protecting personal information in compliance with its basic policy as provided below:

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Ordinances:
The Company will act in strict compliance with any and all applicable laws and ordinances as well as other guidelines as established by the competent authorities.
Acquisition of Personal Information:
The Company will obtain any personal information, defining the specific purpose of use of such information, by using any lawful and fair method, and when legally required. The Company will, if and when it collects any personal information, clearly show its purpose of collecting such information, except when such purpose is apparent from the circumstances at the collection.
Use of Personal Information:
The Company will use any personal information within the scope of its purpose of use of such information, not for any other purpose.
Securing of Personal Information:
The Company will effect necessary measures for the purpose of securing the safety of any and all personal information which it possesses, including measures for information security and other measures to direct and supervise such parties as will be commissioned with the work of performing any business to protect such information.
Disclosure or Offer to Third Parties:
Except when previously agreed to by the person in question, or when allowed by applicable laws and ordinances, the Company will not disclose, or otherwise offer any personal information to any third party.
Inquiry about Personal Information:
The Company will, if and when it receives any inquiry about any personal information from the person in question, promptly answer to, and otherwise handle, such inquiry appropriately in accordance with its prescribed relevant method and procedure. The same shall apply to any demand for disclosure, alteration or deletion, other request or complaint which may come from the person in question in connection with any personal information.
The Company makes efforts to continuously improve its actions to cope with, or otherwise handle any problem relating to any personal information.

Executed in April 2011


Represented by:
  Koichi Tsuyama
Representative Director

This site (including the sub-domain and sub-directory thereof, and hereinafter referred to merely as "this Site") will be offered for use by CATEYE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") to you (the user of this Site hereunder).
Please keep in mind the following terms for use of this Site, while you make such use.

Copyrights to any sentences, photographs, images, music, voices or other works of authorship (hereinafter referred to collectively as "contents") will be owned by the Company or the original authors or other right holders thereof. Except when printing for the purpose of making any personal use, or when otherwise approved under the Copyright Law, any act to make reproduction, public transmission, alteration, revision, reprinting in any website other than this Site or any other kinds of handling of such contents without obtaining the relevant copyright holder's prior approval is prohibited under the Copyright Law. If and when you desire to use this Site for any of such purposes, please obtain the Company's prior approval. Any person who sells, or otherwise offers for use any of the Company's products or services will also be prohibited from using any contents thereof without the Company's prior approval. If and when you desire to use any content of any of the Company's products or services for the purpose of selling, or otherwise offering for use thereof, please contact the Company.
Trademarks and Logos:
Any right relating to any trademark, emblem, logo or trade name of any commodity or service included in this Site shall revert to the Company or any other individual right-holder thereof. Except when permitted under any applicable law or ordinance, any act to use, or otherwise handle any such trademark and the rest without obtaining the Company's or any other relevant right-holder's prior approval is prohibited under the Trademark Law etc. If and when you desire to use any trademark and the rest, please obtain the prior approval of the Company or any other relevant right-holder.
The Company makes efforts to improve the contents of this Site, provided, however, that the Company shall in no event warrant the accuracy, usefulness, certainty or other similar quality of any such contents, and further that neither shall the Company assume any responsibility for any damage or loss which may arise out of, or in connection with the use of any such contents.
In the contents of this Site there may sometimes be included any third party's opinion or comment as to any of the Company's products or services or any third party's information which has nothing to do with any of the Company's products or services. In such case, such opinion, comment or information is strictly such third party's personal opinion, comment or information, and the Company has nothing to do with such personal opinion, comment or information, nor does it do nothing to verify the appropriateness thereof. If necessary, please verify such appropriateness at your own discretion and on your own responsibility. Please be careful especially about such opinion, comment or information, if and when included by any third party in this Site, because such opinion, comment or information may sometimes have such portion as will cause certain readers thereof to have any unpleasant or hateful feeling toward such opinion, comment or information. If and when you find that there exists any content which states any inappropriate fact such as infringement upon any third party's right or failure to act in compliance with any applicable law or ordinance, please contact the Company through its "Contact Page" or the Company's customer servic In such case, the Company will first carefully examine such alleged fact, and then take appropriate measures to cope with such situation.
Product Information:
In this Site there is included any and all available information as to the Company's products and services exclusively for the purpose of introducing such products and services to the users thereof. If and when you actually use any of the Company's products and services, please read through the instruction for the relevant product or the guidebook for the relevant service. Since information included in this Site may sometimes be changed as occasion demands, please refer to the newest edition thereof.
Registration of Users:
Users of the Company's products may be registered as users in this Site. Since users so registered in this Site may receive a smooth support for any of the Company's products, please register yourself in this Site. In case information included in this Site during the process of conducting such registration is inaccurate or erroneous, services will not be appropriately furnished by the Company to its users. However, registration of users in this Site will not necessarily warrant the furnishing of support as contemplated by the relevant product as well as the offering of due profits to users so registered.
Distributors which handle the Company's Products:
Any and all distributors introduced in this Site handle the Company's products, provided, however, that distributors of such products differ not only in kinds of such products which they actually handle, but also in quantities of the same which they actually hold in stock respectively.
Users' Opinions and Suggestions relating to any of the Company's Products and Services:
The Company not only makes efforts for the purpose of newly developing and continuously improving the Company's products and services, but also intends to listen to its customers' opinions extensively. In case, however, any information as suggested by any of the Company's customers is deemed proprietary to such customer or any other third party, such information may constitute a hindrance to promotion of the Company's business, followed by any fact allegedly suggesting that the Company will not be able not only to check the contents of any such suggestion, but also to pay due considerations for any such suggestion, which as a result will make it impossible for the Company to discharge its confidentiality obligations in connection with the contents of such suggestion.
Linked Sites:
In this Site there are in certain cases included several links to websites relating to business companies other than the Company and other organizations and their products and services. In case any linked sites is not this Site, the Company shall assume no responsibility for any of the contents of such linked site. Even if and when there exists any link to sites other than this Site, the Company shall not be deemed to be in such position as it may make recommendation, consent, instruction or warranty in connection with such linked sites.
Requirements for Use of this Site:
In connection with this Site, there in several cases exist such requirements as the type of Browser or OS etc. In this Site, Cookie/SSL is used as a partial function thereof. In case Browser does not have Cookie/SSL function, or in case Browser's Cookie/SSL function is made ineffective, the function of this Site may be partially unusable.
Targeted Countries:
Any and all contents are included in this Site are made in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of Japan, and therefore, if and when any such contents are used in any country or territory outside Japan, please confirm that such contents are legally accepted in such country or territory.
Export Control:
In case any of the Company's products or services, or any of technologies, programs or products as obtained, or otherwise purchased through this Site is exported to outside Japan (including any case in which such technology, program or product is taken out of Japan and any other case in which any such technology, program or product is disclosed to any non-resident in Japan), please act in compliance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, the U.S. Export Control Act and other applicable laws and ordinances.