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How to use




Smartphone and smart computer

Smart computer screen

Details displayed:

Data displayed at top of screen

Displays current speed.

In Mirror Mode, when a phone call is received, the number at the far right rotates.

* Can be changed to display heart rate or cadence.

Device : Smart computer : Customize screen


Current function

Measured values change every time MODE is pressed.

•  Speed/cadence/heart rate flash:
If using a CATEYE sensor, the values related to the sensor's battery replacement period start flashing to indicate that it is time to replace the battery.

* For the CATEYE sensor battery replacement procedure, refer to the sensor’s online manual.

•  Power values flash:
When using separate left and right power sensors, power values flash on and off to indicate that only signals from one sensor are being received.


Dot section (MODE button)

When the computer is mounted on the bracket, pressing the dot section depresses the MODE button.

Incoming call/email indicator

When an incoming call/e-mail is received, an icon is displayed on the screen and the dot section flashes periodically, so you will be notified in dark enviroment.



Explanation of icons:

(Battery alarm)

Flashes when smart computer's remaining battery power is low.

When this icon flashes, replace batteries as soon as possible.

Battery replacement


(Memory alarm)

Turns on when smart computer's remaining memory is low.

After the icon turns on, the oldest summary data is deleted to create space to record new data.

* Memory is used to record summary data in Sensor Direct Mode.

* Memory can be cleared by importing summary data into Cateye Cycling™.
Importing summary data


(Pace arrows)

Indicate whether the current speed is faster () or slower () than the average speed.


(Sensor signal icon)

Indicates the Bluetooth® sensor's signal reception status.

*1: With the speed/cadence (ISC) sensor, S and C are displayed simultaneously.

• Types of icons:

S (Speed signal) *1
Indicates the speed sensor signal.

C (Cadence signal) *1
Indicates the cadence sensor signal.

H (Heart rate signal)
Indicates the heart rate sensor signal.

P (Power signal)
Indicates the power sensor signal.


• Icon states:

Receiving signal in Mirror Mode

Receiving signal in Sensor Direct Mode

No signal



(Tire size)

Appears when setting tire circumference.



Turns on when a smartphone is connected.

Flashes when the smartphone's remaining battery power is low.



In Mirror Mode, incoming calls from the app are notified by turning on the respective icon(s).

Email notifications valid only with the email addresses registered with [Add Account].Important

Device : Smart computer : Notification Settings


* The incoming call icon will turn off when measurement is paused, reset, or finished.

Measurement : Pausing / reset operation


(Measurement unit)

Displays the currently selected measurement unit.

• On
Measurement stopped

• Flashing
Measurement in progress



Indicates that the currently displayed value is an average value.



Indicates that the currently displayed value is a maximum value.


Current function

Indicates the currently displayed function.

(Total Distance)

(Elapsed Time)

(Heart Rate)


* Only in Mirror Mode

(Trip Distance)

(Current Speed)