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How to use




Smartphone and smart computer

Importing summary data

You can send summary data accumulated in smart computer (measurement results of sensor direct mode) to your smartphone.


Before importing, be sure to finish Sensor Direct Mode measurement (perform the reset operation) on the smart computer.

You cannot import data for which measurement has not finished.

Reset operation


1. Launch Cateye Cycling™ and set [Connect] to ON.

Connect ON

* If the startup screen is displayed when Cateye Cycling™ is launched, follow the procedure below to import the data.
From (Other) > [Device], set [Connect] to ON and tap [(Smart computer name)].

Connect ON

Smart computer

2. On the measurement screen, press MODE for 1 second to display the smartphone search screen and connect with your smartphone.

When smart computer connects to the Cateye Cycling™ app, it switches to the measurement standby display.

Smartphone search


Measurement standby

* The appearance of the smart computer screen depends on the state of Cateye Cycling™.

* It is not possible to import data while measuring with Cateye Cycling™.


3. Tap (Import from CC).

From the device screen

Import from CC

Import from CC

From the activity screen

If there is summary data in smart computer, the (Import from CC) is displayed.

Tapping the button imports summary data to your smartphone and updates the activity.

* This action deletes summary data from smart computer.

* After importing, it is recommended to set [Connect] to OFF in order to conserve smartphone battery power.