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How to use




Smartphone and smart computer

Connecting smart computer and smartphone

Preparation before measurement



• Smartphone use

When measuring, turn the smartphone display off, and with Cateye Cycling™ running, store the smartphone in a safe place such as a bag or pocket.

As measurement start/pause/resume and reset operations (finish trip) can be performed remotely from smart computer, there is no need to take out your smartphone until you want to save or upload trips.

* Cateye Cycling™ can measure even when running in the background.

• Restrictions on measurement

In Mirror Mode, the maximum elapsed time that can be measured is approximately 27 hours and maximum trip distance is 1000 km [620 mile]. When either of these values is exceeded, measurement finishes and trip data is saved temporarily.

In this case, the display returns to the [ready] (measurement standby) screen ready to start the next trip measurement.

  •  Starting measurement

    Smart computer

    When smart computer is on the [ready] (measurement standby) screen, pressing MODE for 1 second starts measurement.

    Measurement standby

    (1 second)

    Measurement starts

    * If the connection with the smartphone is interrupted during measurement, smart computer switches to the smartphone search screen. When the connection is reestablished, Smart computer returns to the measurement screen.

  •  Pausing/resuming measurement

    Smart computer

    Pressing MODE for 1 second displays [PAUSE] and pauses measurement.

    Pressing MODE again for 1 second resumes measurement.

    During measurement

    (1 second)


    Alternate display

    Trip distance

  •  Finishing measurement (reset operation)

    Smart computer

    Pressing MODE for 3 seconds finishes measurement. Trip data is saved temporarily on the smartphone and measurement values are reset.

    * If you tap the (Finish measurement) button in Cateye Cycling™ during measurement or while measurement is paused, measurement will end and the trip will be saved. No operation from the smart computer is necessary.

    Saving and uploading trips

    During measurement


    finish trip

    (3 seconds)

    Measurement standby


    To continue measuring, press MODE for 1 second.

    To finish measuring, save and upload the trip data via the Cateye Cycling™ app.

●Functions during measurement

Saving and uploading trips