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Velo 8
The Velo 8 is CatEye's entry-level leader complete with calorie consumption counter.




Stem Mount Bracket Sensor Kit /1699304

Bracket Sensor kit For Aero Bar /1699303

Center mount Bracket sensor Kit /1699307

Long Cord

Center mount Bracket sensor Kit /1699302

Heavy Duty Bracket Sensor Kit /1699560

Bracket Sensor Kit /1699550

Standard set:CC-VL810 / CC-VL510


Wheel Magnet /1699691N


*Clearance between sensor and magnet no greater than 5mm
*Compatible with bladed spoke
*Tool free,easy to mount

Composite Wheel Magnet /1699760


* Optional parts
* Clearance between the sensor and magnet no greater than 10mm


Lithium Battery /1665150


CR2032 battery