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Strada Cadence
The proven Strada computer design combined with functional cadence in a slim package.



 Parts Kit

Parts Kit /1602090N

*Rear wheel speed sensor


Bracket Band /1600280N


*only with #1602193 bracket

Zip Tie Bracket /1602770

※Optional accessories

Bracket Dial /5343520


Compatible with FlexTightâ„¢ bracket band for Computers and Safety Lights

Bracket Sensor /1602093

*Rear wheel speed sensor


Wheel Magnet /1699691N


*Clearance between sensor and magnet no greater than 5mm
*Compatible with bladed spoke
*Tool free, easy to mount

Composite Wheel Magnet /1699760


* Optional parts
* Clearance between the sensor and magnet no greater than 10mm


Lithium Battery /1696180