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How to use




Smartphone and smart computer

Cateye Cycling™ [Trip] screen

When Cateye Cycling™ is launched, the activity screen or startup screen is displayed.

* When there is no activity, the startup screen is displayed.

Tap the buttons at the bottom of the screen to change between screens.

Activity screen

Startup screen


In this screen you can start, pause, resume, and finish measurement.

* Starting, pausing, resuming, and finishing measurement can also be done remotely from the smart computer unit.

(Change to activity screen)


Device connection status icon

Displays connection status with other devices.

(Smart computer)

(Speed sensor)

(Cadence sensor)

(Heart rate sensor)

(Power sensor)

* A grayed-out icon indicates an unconnected sensor.

* Speed (cadence) sensors (ISC) display both and .


GPS icon

Indicates GPS signal reception status.


Quick Set

The Quick Set function allows to turn ON/OFF various measurement functions quickly.


Connect button

Turn ON/OFF the connection with smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) and paired device(s).


Switch display mode

Swiping the screen switches to the map display, graph display, and lap display, letting you check the process of the trip.


(Start/resume measurement) button

Starts measurement.

* Not available if speed signal or GPS signal cannot be received.


(Pause) button


(Finish measurement) button

Tap to finish measurement and move to the save & upload screen.

Saving and uploading trips


Number of temporarily saved trips

This displays the number of trip data temporarily saved by the reset operation at the smart computer unit.


The maximum number of trips that can be saved temporarily is 30. If this number is exceeded, the icon changes to [Full] and it is not possible to temporarily save any more trips. It is recommended that trip data is saved and uploaded regularly.


To check and manage the activities (trips and summary data) in Cateye Cycling™.

* If this is tapped when there are no activities, the startup screen is displayed.


Switch to the startup screen to pair with device(s).


Display buttons

To change the view format of activities.

(Graph) Displays the trip distance and ascending altitude in a graph.

(List) Displays a list of activities.

(Calendar) Displays the activity acquisition dates in a calendar.


Connect button

Turn ON/OFF the connection with smartphone (Cateye Cycling™) and paired device(s).


(Check to Select)

To select multiple activities to upload or delete.


(Import from CC)

Displayed when summary data exists on the smart computer connected to the smartphone.

Importing summary data


Activity List

Displays all activities in Cateye Cycling™.
Tap to display detailed information.

* The icon is displayed for summary data.


Shows the accumulated numbers of activities and values all activities saved in Cateye Cycling™ and the all-time biggest distance and ascending altitude recorded.


Displays various settings and support pages.