ISO Certification


July 29, 1999 CATEYE's quality management system certified with "ISO9001"
September 24, 2010 CATEYE's environmental management system certified with "ISO14001"
September 1, 2020 CATEYE made Self-Declaration of Conformity for its Environmental management system with "ISO 14001"

ISO9001(Certification)1SO14001 (Declaration of Conformity)
Applicable standard ISO9001:2015、JIS Q 9001:2015 ISO14001:2015、JIS Q 14001:2015
Auditing organization TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. -
Company name CATEYE CO., LTD.
Location 2-8-25, Kuwazu, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0041, Japan
Applicable workplace Head office, Kanan factory, Yoshii factory
Business scope Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Servicing of Bicycle Accessories Such as Cyclocomputers and Lights; Heart Rate Monitors; Pulse Meters; Altitude Meters; Reflectors for Bicycles, Automobiles, Motorcycles and Roads; E Mark Headlamps for Automobiles; Triangular Stop Signs for Automobiles, Security Equipment Such as Construction Lights, and Traffic Safety Equipment Such as Delineators; and Servicing of Health Equipment
Corporate Environmental and Quality Policy 1. Deliver superior products and services that meet the trust and expectations of our customers.

2. Manufacture environmentally friendly products and contribute to the realization of a society in harmony with nature.

3. Meet legal, regulatory, and other requirements, and strive for continuous improvement through the operation of our quality/environmental management system.
Corporate Environment / Quality Goals

1. Strive to understand customer needs and prioritize quality, function, cost, delivery, and service.

2. Be aware of and actively engage in manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

3. Aiming to inherit and evolve our proprietary technology, develop human resources rich in creativity who can respond to changes in society.

>Regarding to self-declaration of conformity for our Environmental Management System

>Self-Declaration of Conformity for Environmental Management System


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