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Padrone Smart+
Smartphone power in our popular Padrone gets a fully customizable dot display, navigation and so much more.



[ Before you purchase ] [ Updated Nov. 14, 2017 ]

Please check to see if your smartphone model is compatible.

Cateye Cycling Recommended Device/Email Program List

We took the smartphone power you rely on in our most popular display and brought it to the next level with the Padrone Smart+. A full dot display, multiple customizable data screens, arrow navigation, incline and lap functionality are just some of the new features included to enhance your cycling experience. Track rides in Mirror Mode using your phone's GPS or use directly with Bluetooth® Smart sensors. In either mode, quickly and easily upload ride data to CatEyeAtlasTM, StravaTM and TrainingPeaksTM when the ride is done. Social media, text, call and email alerts keep you connected without risk of phone damage or battery drain. The Padrone Smart+ gives you more of what you've come to love in a CatEye cycle computer.



■ Upload ride data to training sites and share with the press of the button

■ View call/email/text/social media alerts and ride data in real time on the Padrone Smart+

■ Smart setup - Setup of the Padrone Smart+, Customizable display and Clock auto adjustment

■ Import a summary of ride data in Sensor Direct Mode

■ Setup of the goal for simple navigation

■ Firmware update of the Padrone Smart+

* App can be used directly with smartphone.


[ Mirror Mode ]

■ Data from smartphone is sent to the Padrone Smart+ where you can view it.

■ GPS signal to the smartphone measures Speed and Altitude.

■ Optional Bluetooth® SMART sensors record Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power.

■ Displays Call/Email/Text/Social Media alerts on the cycle computer.

 Connect the Padrone Smart+ with your smartphone. The Padrone Smart+ can be attached to the handlebar or stem.

 Set your smartphone into sleep mode, then put it in your pocket or a safe place and view the data on the Padrone Smart+.

 Easily upload ride data directly to training sites with the tap of the button.

[ Sensor Direct Mode ]

■ When smartphone use is not an option, such as in a race, the Padrone Smart syncs with Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power Bluetooth® SMART sensors.

■ Post-ride data is sent to your smartphone.

The triple bundle (Speed/Cadence and Heart Rate sensors included) is also available.

The double bundle (Speed/Cadence sensor included) is also available.

*1-month free trial of Strava Premium Membership is limited time offer.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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      Cateye Cycling Recommended Device/Email Program List

      Updated Nov. 14, 2017

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      Confirmed Power Sensor List

      Updated Nov. 21, 2016

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