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How to use



Changing the measurement screen

This section explains how to change the display of the measurement screen.



Tap (Other) > [Device] > [PADRONE SMART+], and then follow the procedure below.


1. Tap [Display Customization].

Select a screen set.

* Screen sets represent measurement screen groupings. Even when using the smart computer between multiple bicycles with different available sensors, screen sets make it possible to switch instantly to the ideal screen configuration.


Return to default setting
Returns all screen sets to their original settings.

• Switching between screen sets
Tap edit of selected screen to edit the setting of the screen.

* Change to set B or C when a cadence sensor, heart rate sensor, or other sensor is paired.

(Edit screen set)
Tap this icon to edit the selected screen.

* Screen customization settings will be applied to both Mirror Mode and Sensor Direct Mode.