CatEyeSYNC™ - ONE touch control -Turn one light on and all your CatEyeSYNC™ lights come on.
Using wireless technology, CatEyeSYNC™ lights provide the ease of synchronizing all lights to operate as one.
Check battery levels, customize modes, set brake mode and synchronize flash pattern preferences using your Smartphone.
Simple and superior 360-degree visibility is one touch away with up to 7 lights synced to operate as one.
(the other CatEyeSYNC™ light options that can be added to your SYNC Core system are SYNC Wearable and SYNC Kinetic.)

With 500 lumens and excellent side visibility, the SYNC Core gives you the power to see and be seen. Can be used alone or – better still – combined with other CatEyeSYNC™ enabled lights for unparalleled levels of 360-degree visibility, day or night.
Check out CatEyeSYNC™ website!


  • Compact and lightweight high power rechargeable headlight (500lm)
  • Excellent daytime visibility in Daytime HyperConstant mode
  • Superior side visibility
  • Round beam pattern with OptiCube™ lens technology
  • Built-in fast recharging circuit
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • USB rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • 5 light modes * Charging time: 3-6 hrs
  • Mode memory function
  • FlexTight™ bracket
  • Optional helmet mount, center fork bracket and out-front bracket 2 available


  • Built-in acceleration sensor for Kinetic mode (Automatically turns on with 50 lumen brightness when bike deceleration is detected)
  • Excellent daytime visibility in Daytime HyperFlash mode
  • Group Ride mode eye-friendly to team riders behind
  • Superior side visibility
  • OptiCube™ lens technology
  • Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
  • USB rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • 6 modes *Charging time: 2.5h
  • Mode memory function
  • Battery Auto Save (The mode automatically changes to flashing when the battery power gets low)

*The smartphone CatEyeSYNC™ app is required to pair the lights. Before you purchase, be sure to check to see if your smartphone model is compatible. CatEyeSYNC™ Compatible Device List
PC or Mac with internet connection is required for firmware update of the CatEyeSYNC™ lights.

CatEyeSYNC_icon.pngCatEyeSYNC™ Smartphone app

  • Synchronize all SYNC lights
  • One touch turns all lights on/off
  • Synchronized lights connection status indicator
  • Control with smartphone app
    - Pair the lights (up to seven lights)
    - Customize light modes
    - View remaining battery level
    - Turn on/off the lights
    - Turn on/off synchronization with other lights
    - Find me function lets the light flashing by tapping the button on app

Firmware Updater for CatEyeSYNC™ Download

※Please make sure the light is fully charged before updating the firmware.

System requirements:
・Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
・Mac OS 10.10 or later※About macOS Catalina (10.15)

※Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Tech Specs

[SYNC CORE] 41.5 x 33.5 x 93.5 mm
[SYNC KINETIC] 74.5 x 26 x 28mm
[SYNC CORE] 94 g (light unit and battery)
[SYNC KINETIC] 43g (with battery)
Light source:
[SYNC CORE] High-intensity LED x 1
Run time:
High(500 lumens): 2 hrs
Middle(150 lumens): 9 hrs
Low(100 lumens): 15 hrs
Daytime HyperConstant(500/100 lumens): 18 hours
Flashing(100 lumens): 130 hrs

High(40 lumens):1.5 hrs
Low(5 lumens):15 hrs
Flashing(30 lumens):50 hrs
Rapid(50 lumens):20 hrs
Group Ride(40 lumens):15 hrs
Daytime HyperFlash(50 lumens):30 hrs

*When Kinetic mode is enabled 60 times per hour
High(40 lumens):1.4 hrs
Low(5 lumens):6 hrs
Flashing(30 lumens):7 hrs
Rapid(50 lumens):6 hrs
Group Ride(40 lumens):6 hrs
Daytime HyperFlash(50 lumens):7 hrs
[SYNC CORE] Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-2,200mAh)
[SYNC KINETIC] Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
Recharge time:
[SYNC CORE] 3-6 hrs (3hrs fast recharge using 1A or higher USB charging adaptor, or using USB3.0)
[SYNC KINETIC] 2.5 hrs (USB recharge)
Mount size:
[SYNC CORE] φ22.0-35.0mm
[SYNC KINETIC] φ26.0-32.0mm
Recharge/discharge number of times:
About 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)
Water resistant:
Built-in fast recharging circuit, Lighting mode memory function, Helmet mount / Center fork bracket / Out-front bracket 2 (optional)

Activation of the Kinetic mode depends on the degree of deceleration, the light may not react or the reaction may be delayed.


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