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The Volt700 is a USB rechargeable headlight with 700 lumen output and quick-change, large capacity 3100mAH Li-ion battery.




H-34N /5338827N

FlexTight™ Bracket

Helmet Mount /5341831N


*Option Parts


BA-3.1 /5342680


Cartridge battery
Li-ion3.6v 3100mAh

 Battery charger

Fast Charging Cradle 2 /5342620


※ Optional parts
USB cable included
The cartridge battery can be fast-charged by using the optional charging cradle
The cartridge battery (sold separately) can be used as a mobile battery.
Charging time Approx. 3h
* Use a 1A or higher USB charging adapter when charging by the cradle.
* Charging time is approximate values, and will vary by environmental and user conditions.
* A dedicated charging cable is required to recharge iPhone via this cradle (not included).

Fast Charging Cradle /5342720


※ Optional parts
USB cable included


USB cable /5342730


Micro USB