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A new commuter specific cyclocomputer that combines relevant cycling features with Carbon Offset tracking.



The fist ever cyclocomputer specifically designed for the daily commuter and those who ride for transportation, errands, and to offset their carbon footprint.

Estimated Time of Arrival, Clock, Temperature, and Back Light all make this computer the perfect choice to aid in your commute. The new larger font size makes reading trip details easy with a quick glance. Standard cyclocomputer features are enhanced with Carbon Offset so that you can easily track the difference that you’re making.

The Carbon Offsets are computed by using a fixed 150g/km or 240g/mile figure and multiplying it by the distance ridden.  It tracks it in real time and shows day to day, week to week, month to month and total carbon saved.

The innovative FlexTight bracket mounts quickly, securely and without tools to virtually any handlebar or stem. The tool-free speed sensor mounts effortlessly to any standard fork.

This computer is compatible with the CatEye out-front bracket.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.