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Reflex Auto
New CatEye technology – the Reflex Auto turns on automatically whenever motion and darkness is detected.



CatEye’s Reflex Auto safety light is a new paradigm for cycling safety. Available in white, this light is the only produced with built in reflectors that exceed international standards (USA, Great Britain, Europe, and Japan.).

Be seen from any angle and in any situation. The Reflex Auto provide the rider with greater than 180 degrees of visibility and provide safety both while the light is turned on and while functioning solely as a reflector.

The Reflex Auto will automatically turn on whenever both darkness and motion are detected by the motion and light optic sensors. No more stopping on the bike path to double check that you’ve turned your safety light on – it’s automatic!

Choose your level of safety with 5 distinct light modes: constant, flashing, pulse, rapid, and long-life. Each light is powered by one high power center LED (with Opticube™ lens technology) and four 5mm LEDs that provide up to 60 hours of life on 2 AAA batteries.

Check out the Auto technology video here

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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