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Blitz Auto
The Blitz Auto taillight combines extreme visibility with automatic technology.



Storm the night. The Blitz Auto safety light combines extreme visibility with automatic technology. 5 efficient LEDs housed in a clear body run on 2 AA alkaline batteries for up to 400 hours.


Motion and light sensors turn the Blitz Auto on whenever darkness and motion are detected and will stay on for 50 seconds after you’ve stopped riding. Need a little extra safety? The Blitz Auto can be switched from auto to manual mode for daytime use. Mode memory will remember the last lighting mode you used, be it Rapid, flashing or constant modes.   

With the included SP-11 FlexTight bracket for seatpost mounting, the included rear rack mount, and an optional clothing clip, the Blitz Auto can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Check out the Auto technology video here.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.